Special Training Center

A child 6-14 years of age will be considered out of school if he/she has never been enrolled in an elementary school or if after enrollment has been absent from school without prior intimation for reasons of absence for a period of 45 days or more.

Special Training Centre are set up to prepare out of school children for age appropriate class. Special Training for out of school children Section 4 of the R.T.E. Act makes specific provision for special Training for age appropriate admission for out of school children.

The Principles of STC are:-

  • Treat the child with respect and dignity.


  • Make efforts to bring together children to build a sense of community.


  • Encourage children to take part in activities.


  • If a child is homesick make arrangements to take them home and for this return.


  • Develop an interest in active learning through the process of play and a print rich exciting environment.