About School

School Background

The school is established in 1966.Itwas made as primary school and  got upgraded to secondary level in year 1985 and it is managed by the Department of Education. It is located in urban area. It is situated at a distance of about less than 1/2 k.m. from the Indira Holiday Home sector 24. It is located in WARD4 block of Chandigarh (U.T.) district of Chandigarh. The school consists of Grades from 1 to 10. The school is co-educational and it has an attached pre-primary section. It has got two teacher for pre- primary section. The school is non-residential in nature. During the previous academic year, the school functioned for 240 days. This school is approachable by all weather roads. In this school academic session starts in April.

Facilities in School

The school has 2 building blocks which are housed in a Government building. It has got 22 classrooms for instructional purposes. All the classrooms are in good condition. It has 10 other rooms for students activities and 5 other non teaching rooms.


The total enrolment of school is 900, out of which boys’ enrolment is 517 ( 57.3percent) and girls’ enrolment is 383 (42.6 percent). The SC enrolment is 505 (56.17 percent) Muslim enrolment is 9(1 percent) and OBC enrolment 26 ( 2.8 percent). No student repeated elementary grades during the previous academic year. The school has 7 disabled children.